What We Do

Choose What Works Best for You

Clients engage with Flashing Red Light in two ways: for specific projects with our Advisory Services or in a One-on-One Coaching Program.

We can advise on a broad range of business challenges in marketing, leadership, hiring well, strategy, fundraising, and exits. We are particularly passionate about the pressures faced by U.S. brands and manufacturers. 

From time to time we also engage with clients in an 1:1 Coaching Program, where the client knows they want a partner in their entrepreneurial or executive journey. Together we plan a program specifically for your career and/or business goals.

Advisory Services

Certain challenges eventually surface in nearly every business, whether $1m or $50m in revenue. We don’t see every one of these challenges in every client’s organization, but we have seen all of these challenges many times in many different industries and situations.

While there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution for each of these challenges, most “customized” solutions are usually grounded in reliable, proven methodology. In other words, we’ve been where you’re going.

We also know specialists in our network that can help with specific aspects of these challenges – accountants, CFOs, attorneys, brokers, CMOs, CROs, and the like. We will assist you getting the most appropriate subject matter expert, and get the most out of their expertise.


New Customer Acquisition

Fundamentals, Dynamics, Marketing

New Customer Acquisition

Fundamentals and metrics such as CAC

Dynamic tableau of the market

Riding the wave of continual change in marketing channels

Building ambassadors from the first purchase

DTC and Omnichannel

Expectations, Capabilities, Tracking Success

DTC and Omnichannel

Review your strategy of retail presence

What to expect and what to require of partners

How to serve partners effectively

Key capabilities for success

Tracking success (and failure) with key metrics

Brand Launch (or Re-launch)

Formulate, Calibrate, Messaging, Launch

Brand Launch (or Re-launch)

Formulating the brand statements

Calibrate for the currently addressed audience… and future

Messaging with the brand statements

Channels and tactics for launch


Pricing Strategy & Tactics

Review, Confirm, Analysis, Navigation

Pricing Strategy & Tactics

Review of your currently addressed market

Confirming the fundamentals of value and price

Margin analysis and unit economics

Navigating price increases, especially messaging and positioning

Product Line Management

Review, Analysis, Roadmaps

Product Line Management

Review current product line strategy

Competitive analysis and strategy

Dynamic customer segments and profiles

Roadmap formation, analysis, and messaging


Making in the USA

Myths v Fact, Expectations, Management

Making in the USA

Myths versus fact

Lean Manufacturing vs “Manufacturing”

What’s next from China (and why it matters)

Expectations for messaging in sales performance vs brand perception

Product line management in the context of re-shoring

Sustainability Is Profitability

Fundamentals, Experiences, Org Chart

Sustainability Is Profitability

Fundamentals of sustainability as a strategy

Experiences in the field for several industries

More than a brand statement, define authenticity

Your org chart and leadership vs sustainability


Preparing Your Exit Strategy

Options, Community, Methodology, Representation

Preparing Your Exit Strategy

When and how to start exploring your options

Employee ownership, community ownership, acquisition

Timeline, process, and methods to be effective

Internal or external representation

Cautions and dangers

Your Amicable "Business Divorce"

Define Options, Negotiate, Support, Caution

Your Amicable "Business Divorce"

Define the problems, players, and goals

Valuation and terms aligned with goals

Negotiation strategy and tactics, BATNA

Building the support team

Cautions and dangers

Expansion Capital

Define, Identify, Timeline, Dangers

Expansion Capital

Define the need and write the investment thesis

Identify the options, including out-of-the-box thinking

Define timeline and expectations

Why you have to do it (the implications of hiring it out)

Building the support team

Cautions and dangers


Hiring Right

Methods, Offers, Onboarding, Termination

Hiring Right

Don’t recruit like everyone else (it doesn’t really work anyway)

Conscious recruiting and wise interviewing

Offers that work (and why)

Onboarding (and retention)

Effective and compassionate termination

Building Leadership

Promote, Fundamentals, Philosophy, Ownership

Building Leadership

Why and how to promote from within

Fundamentals for first-time supervisors

Fundamentals for first-time middle managers (supervising supervisors)

Defining a philosophy that aligns with your values

Ownership, both figurative and literal

Board Formation

Diversity, Dynamics, Compensation

Board Formation

Variety and diversity on your Board

Dynamics of a Board, and best practices to ensure max efficiency

Board compensation

Recruiting and selecting candidates

Managing the process and information

Utilizing Fractional Executives

Expertise, Manage, Recruit, Network

Utilizing Fractional Executives

Getting the most out of contract expertise in Finance and Marketing

Who does what (it isn’t always obvious)

Managing the costs of subject matter experts and advisors

Recruiting and selecting providers

Access our network of proven providers

Your Stealth Co-Founder

Your Stealth Co-Founder

You’re in the early stages of founding your organization, and you want the benefit of another set of eyes and ears on the business plan, the strategies, and the tactics. You need the benefit of a co-founder, but wary about “getting married” to a co-founder this early in the journey. We can be the experienced co-founder, without literally taking the role (or the equity).

Your Stealth Board Member

Your Stealth Board Member

Many closely held and family businesses need the expertise of a Board of Directors, but for a variety of reasons are not yet ready to form a board. We have filled that role, maintaining a low public profile or even completely confidentially. This is often done as a bridge to a professional board to maintain nimble operating stance and minimize the cost.

One-on-One Coaching Program

This is a highly-curated program specific to you.

First, we’ll explore your specific goal or set of goals. (Spoiler alert: most people don’t have a crisp definition when they start).

We begin with the end in mind, and then methodically work towards the conclusion you desire.

Most engagements span 2-3 months of regular sessions. You will approve, and then control the scope and the timeline. Our engagements allow the client to terminate at any time, so we’re not going to hold you hostage if it isn’t working for you.

All of these details are provided (and more) before we start the work. The first step is discussing what you need.